Our Customers

We aim to provide outstanding products and services to our customers that would help them complete their tasks with the highest level of performance, reliability, efficiency, cost effectiveness and above all, the safety and protection of the workers and the environment. With a philosophy built around offering professional solutions to our customers, we have established a clear strategy that puts customers at the center of all our activities.

Since 1964 Sakkab group has been supplying outstanding solutions and products that cover the needs of our customers spanning across a wide range of market segments. Below is a summery of the main trades and industries that we currently service within our scope of operations and across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan:

  • Construction Projects and Contractors
  • Electro Mechanical Contractors and Services
  • Exterior and Interior Finishing Contractors
  • Steel and Metal Fabrication Industry
  • Woodworking and Furniture Industry
  • Industrial and OEM Assembly and Fabrication
  • Chemical and Mining Industry
  • Automotive and Aerospace Maintenance
  • Vocational Training Schools and Universities
  • Power Generation and Public Utility Companies (Water & Electricity)
  • Facility Maintenance and Cleaning Services:
    Hospitals, Banks, Hotels and Commercial Buildings
  • Servise online loan when urgent needs occurs
  • Government Departments and Municipalities
  • Civil Defense (Search, Rescue and Fire Fighting Teams)
  • Military, Tactical and Public Security Departments