Company Profile

Throughout the construction and industry sectors, we strive to be the leading supplier of high quality selected power tools, hand tools, power products, industrial machinery, safety products, fasteners and construction chemicals. We provide superior added-value products and we are committed to focus on products and markets where we can achieve and sustain leadership positions.


Newport Trading was established in 1964 by Mr. Yousef Y. Sakkab and has kept its leadership position in the market for almost 45 years.
Newport Trading has been the mark for top quality products and services in the Jordanian market and we pride ourselves with a reputation of being the professionals’ best partner in the construction and industry sectors.



We are a sales driven company. We depend on our valued customers to drive our actions and on our suppliers to provide us with high quality reliable products, services and technical backups.

Our sales strategy and marketing approach is the secret of our success in the market. We operate through direct selling to the end users as well as the use of distributors or sub-dealers. This ensures highest customer service levels and a sustained contact on the jobsite.

Product Offering

Newport Trading is a specialist supplier of high quality tools and equipment which assure constantly high performance for every application:

Power Tools & Accessories

Power tools that are widely used in every trade are our specialty. We supply a range of tools from the DIY to the professional range. We guarantee all our products against fault manufacture and source them only from the highest quality power tools manufacturers.

Hand, Hydraulic and Air Tools

These are another commodity that is not only used by every professional but also compliments our wide range of supplies to satisfy our customers’ needs. We supply the professional range of hand tools starting from the screwdriver to the torque wrench and the specialized high voltage and anti-spark tools.

Industrial Fasteners & Consumables

A unique specialty which where we possess wide, technical know-how. We provide customers with engineered solutions for their fastening problems starting with simple expansion anchors’ design to piping support systems and mechanical stone cladding and a wide range of hardware.

Consumables complement our range of supplies. For every tool, instrument or product we sell, we guarantee the availability of consumables and spare parts of all ranges.

Power Generators and Air Compressors

Our range include electric and welding generators of all sizes for contractor applications, industrial applications and power backup solutions. Portable compressors, industrial fixed compressors, as well as hydraulic power products and lighting towers are also an important part of our product lines.

Multi-Range Industrial Machines

This line includes all wood and metal working equipment for factories. We supply a wide range of machinery suitable for a small blacksmiths or carpenter’s workshop to a turnkey job at a large metal fabrication or woodworking factory.

Welding Machines and Consumables

Welding supplies is a highly technical field where we again clearly excel in the market. We stock all kinds of welding machines and welding generators as well as a wide range of welding electrodes covering general and special applications.


Construction Chemicals and Products

Covering all stages of construction from waterproofing to refurbishment, crack injection, flooring, roofing and sealing. The wide range of materials provided by the worldwide leader in construction chemicals, Sika, offer a solution to every application through a system and solution approach.

Personal Safety & Workwear Products

Safety attire and equipment have become an essential requirement for any industrial plant or construction site. We pride ourselves in being the customers preferred choice when it comes to procurement of tested and reliable safety products.

Construction Tools & Equipment

We provide all of the construction tools and equipment you need for both small and large projects. Make us your go-to place for asphalt equipment, cement mixers, concrete grinders, concrete saws, demolition tools, concrete vibrators, ladders, and much more.

Sales Strategy

Our direct end user sales approach gives us a unique ability to be an extinguished supplier and solution provider to our customer’s needs. We reach our customers through professional sales teams and offer our customers the opportunity to reach us though dedicated customer service personnel and our three showrooms spread around the country.


This direct contact approach ensures that the customer gets the right product for the right application, it also ensures highest customer satisfaction and allows us the opportunity to learn and adapt according to the customer’s changing needs and market trends. We pride ourselves with superior after sales services and a consistent on site presence to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Our sales people are specialized, each within a specific product line and a specific trade. This approach gives Newport Trading its unique ability to focus on each product line and each customer trade, giving it full attention and focus, thus achieving market leadership positions.

We sell through three sales divisions; The Construction division focuses on large-scale and medium-size construction projects with a strong sales force of over 20 members. Our Industrial division caters to the needs of the industrial sector in Jordan with a sales team of 15 members and our Chemicals division concentrates on specialty construction and industrial chemicals. In this manner, we strive to achieve complete market coverage.

Support Structure

In addition to our customer service personnel and showrooms, our sales divisions are supported by engineering and marketing teams, centralized warehousing, delivery service, repair workshop facilities, finance, operations department and a fabrication workshop for special customized orders.


After-Sale Services

As part of our after-sale services, we provide warranty and full provision for repair and spare parts for all the products we sell. The recently refurbished repair shop provides means for the repair of all electronic power tools and instruments. It is provided with all the necessary testing and calibration equipment which are essential for providing reliable repair and calibration.

Flying over your expectations.


Operational Excellence

Our company has acquired ISO 9000 approval from SGS, and we strive to enhance and streamline our processes and improve our business efficiency leading to Total Customer Satisfaction.


Our Headquarters location and warehouse premises are located in a highly active industrial area in Al-Raqeem, south east of Amman. The premises cover an area of 8000m2 which caters to the storage needs of the company, in addition to featuring a space for our affiliate manufacturing facility, a large showroom, meeting rooms and offices for administration and sales.

In addition, the company has three other showroom locations and sales centers, two of them  in Amman and one in Aqaba in the south of Jordan.