About Us

Newport Trading Agency was founded by Yousef Yacoub Sakkab (Abu Yacoub) in Jerusalem in 1964, and contracted with Hilti to market its products in Jordan, adding “Hilti Jordan” to the brand’s name.

Mr. Sakkab had a robust vision for his business and its expansion; in 1967, the business moved to Jordan, basing its operations in Amman. It continued with the distribution of Hilti products until 1969, when the company’s scope of work expanded to include all Arab countries. In the mid-1970s, Newport Trading Agency started contracting with other renowned international companies wishing to market their construction and industrial products and equipment in the Kingdom.

With almost 20 employees on board in 1989, Newport Trading Agency quickly became the number one partner of choice for many well-known companies. This success led to the inauguration of the Newport Trading Branch in Aqaba in 2000, the Headquarters and Management Center in 2005, and the Sakkab Building Solutions Company in Kurdistan-Iraq in 2013.

Today, Newport Trading Agency, with around 200 employees in its companies of which 50 are abroad, intends to maintain its status as the “Power Giant” that has the ability and resources to present customers with the best of specialized services, industrial solutions, products, and tools. The company is enjoying its achievements under the name “Sakkab Newport Trading”, which is part of the Sakkab Group’s sub-companies, including:

  1. Core & Cut: offering concrete and steel structure services
  2. Technik: offering engineering systems related to stone structures of buildings
  3. Hilti: offering leading-edge technology for the global construction industry
  4. Sakkab Building Solutions: offering entrance solutions
  5. Sakkab Newport: offering the following:
    • Power Generators & Air Compressors
    • Industrials Fasteners & Consumables
    • Construction Tools & Equipment
    • Hand, Hydraulic & Air Tools
    • Welding Machines & Consumables
    • Personal Safety & Workwear Products
    • Construction Chemicals & products
    • Multi-range Industrial Machines
    • Power Tools & Accessories